Driven by science and the patients who depend on us

Sanofi Australia and New Zealand is a top 5 pharmaceutical company. Our inception in Australia began in 1980, but our heritage is over 100 years old and now spans over 170 countries. Innovating across diverse therapeutic areas, from diabetes and cardiology to influenza, oncology, immunology and rare diseases, our purpose is to bring hope, relief and cures to patients around the world by researching, developing and manufacturing medicines and vaccines, and by accelerating access to scientific innovation.

From the few with rare conditions, the millions with chronic disease and those seeking protection from old and new infectious disease. It is the people our products treat, who inspire us to advance scientific discoveries and change the practice of medicine. Our breakthrough science, innovative technology and unique collaborations allow us to find new solutions and pioneer medicine to change, transform and benefit the lives of patient communities everywhere.

We hold ourselves accountable to transforming health and we strive for better outcomes for all. Not only through the development of novel medicines themselves, but through participation in humanitarian activities, working to better educate our communities and being a champion of access to healthcare.

While our local corporate headquarters are in Sydney we also have offices, state-of-the-art laboratories and a world-class manufacturing facility in Brisbane, and offices across Auckland, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.