Build stronger communities

At Sanofi we understand that our people’s communities are an extension of our community. Inspired by our values and tied to our purpose, Sanofi created a community focused program to empower our people to act for change within the areas that matter to them most.

We know that STEM education is already important to our business and in the future, it will only become more so. In 2017, Sanofi formed a flagship partnership with The Smith Family to help bridge the STEM education divide and help our most vulnerable young people in Australia.

A large number of our people work to make a difference through volunteering, fundraising and lending a helping hand in their own time. To compliment this, Sanofi offers our people up to 5 days each year to volunteer in their communities.

Students in the lab
Bridging the STEM education divide
Sanofi Australia has joined forces with The Smith Family to help bridge the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education divide in Australia.
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White Ribbon

Promoting respectful relationships and raising awareness of family and domestic violence.

Road to recovery
Our volunteering program encourages our people to help communities in need.