Taking urgent action on climate and water stewardship is more vital than ever.

We have accelerated our efforts to address climate change and minimise the environmental impact of our business through sustainability and our global Planet Mobilisation Program.

We know that people want to the do the right thing by the planet and that includes disposing of their medicines correctly. They just don't know how.

We’re proud to partner with the Return Unwanted Medicines (The RUM Project) to help raise awareness of the environmental impact of incorrect disposal of unwanted and expired medicines. Together, we're working to encourage all Australians to dispose of unwanted medicines responsibly via their local pharmacy, and to help improve how we treat our planet. 

Download Return Unwanted Medicines' infographic explaining why this matters

Did you know?

  • The general disposal of unwanted and out-of-date medicines can have an impact on the environment, including waterways.  
  • 70% of Australians don't know how to safely dispose of medicines.
  • Australians have access to a free and convenient way to dispose of their unwanted medicines responsibly at a local pharmacy, coordinated by The RUM Project.
  • Since the project started 21 years ago, The RUM Project has collected and disposed of over 11.5 million kgs of unwanted medicine, but there is more out there.

How you can help


Did you know that throwing unwanted medicines in the bin or flushing them down the toilet harms our environment? Return them responsibly.

There is a free and easy way to dispose medicines responsibly at your local pharmacy. Remember the 3Rs: READ medicine labels, REMOVE expired / unwanted, and RETURN to a pharmacy.


Talk about your return unwanted medicines program and help all customers treat the planet better by disposing of medicines responsibly. Not yet signed up to The RUM Project? Click here.

Advocacy Groups

Did you know there is one easy way to care for the planet AND your patient communities?

You can encourage the responsible disposal of medicines among your community, including medicine users who may have high levels of wastage. It is free in Australia via local pharmacies, and The RUM Project.

About Return Unwanted Medicines

Return Unwanted Medicines is a national not-for-profit company funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Department of Health to address the Quality Use of Medicines in Australia. The RUM Project is one of the first initiatives that provides consumers with a free and convenient way to dispose of expired and unwanted medicines. Anyone can return their household medicines to any community pharmacy anytime, for safe collection and disposal. Learn more at www.returnmed.com.au.