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Sanofi has been at the forefront of developments in diabetes care and treatments including being one of the first global insulin producers. We were as among the first companies worldwide to produce insulin with a consistent standard of purity and quality. Today, led by our General Medicines business unit, we are a leading supplier of basal insulins in Australia.


Glucose and Insulin

Diabetes is a complex, chronic condition that occurs when your blood glucose, is elevated for a period of time. Glucose, which is derived from food, provides  a source of energy, but it needs to reach your cells and for that you need insulin, which is a hormone that is made by the β-cells in your pancreas.

There are different types of diabetes including type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. All are complex and require daily care and management. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition that can present at any time and is not confined to children and adolescents. Type 2 diabetes, while usually diagnosed in adulthood is unfortunately becoming more common in young adults and children as well.


Healthcare journey

While people living with diabetes still face many challenges, our team draws on our long global heritage and commitment to innovation to improve quality of life for all affected. Through our dialogue with both healthcare professionals and patient organisations we continue to support all aspects of our patient’s healthcare journey, from prevention to treatment. Combined with our portfolio of trusted brands, new technology and new ways of thinking, we aim to halt the progression of chronic disease epidemics and redefine standards of care beyond medicines.

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