At Sanofi we recognise the important value of a having an inclusive and diverse workforce. We are committed to building a culture where people from all backgrounds feel welcomed and included when they come to work. Having a diverse workforce that represents the wider Australian community is very important to us and we encourage applications from people with disabilities, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, LGBTQIA+ people, and all genders.

Our vision for inclusion is to leverage diversity and foster real belonging, allowing our people to feel valued and respected. We strive to create an inclusive culture where all employees understand that our shared Sanofi vision can only be achieved by embracing the unique qualities of all the people we work with. It is those unique qualities that bring out the best in what we can achieve and through our differences we will find new ways to innovate and enhance our customer experience

A place where you can be yourself

Best place to work for dads

Sanofi is one of Australia’s best workplaces for dads. That’s according to the annual HBF Direct Advice for Dads research that identify the workplaces that are leading the way with dad-friendly policies including parental leave, flexible work and other benefits. 

Accessibility Action Plan

Sanofi is committed to the inclusion of people with disability and to the continual improvement of our policies, programs, services and facilities for our employees, their families, and members of the community

Gender Equity Action Plan

Our plan outlines six key areas for action and recognises the impact of gender inequality is regularly compounded by other forms of disadvantage and discrimination. 

Graduates Program

We’re all different and all have unique skills and experiences to offer. Hear from Jonathon Cain and Georgia Lenehan who are currently honing their something special through our Graduate Program.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Listening and learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities is the first step to understand how important equality in healthcare is for all Australians.