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Lyn preview
Patient Story

Taking Control

Lyn is living well and managing his cholesterol
2021-07-30MMMM DD, YYYY
Lee and his family

Listening to understand: Lee's story

I’ve found being a good listener is one of my strengths

2021-02-18MMMM DD, YYYY
Sarah and her husband

Setting an example for my children: Sarah's story 

It’s this perseverance I want to show to my children

2021-02-12MMMM DD, YYYY

TOP employer 2021

Sanofi Australia has been recognised with the prestigious TOP employer certification for the third consecutive year.
Ron surfing with his 3 kids

Best place to work for Dads

Sanofi ranked one of Australia’s top 10 workplaces for Dads.
Adrian in the street smiling

The world is your oyster: Adrian's story

Sanofi’s inclusive environment has helped me to be the best and most genuine person that I can be.
2020-12-07MMMM DD, YYYY
Christine smiling in a pharmacy

A purpose career driven: Christine's story

After working as a registered pharmacist and interacting with patients everyday I wanted to play a larger role.
2020-12-01MMMM DD, YYYY
Paul smiling at the camera
Patient Story

Skin Cancer Unseen : Peter's story

Peter shares his Skin Cancer Unseen story and how he was bowled over by his lack of knowledge.
2020-09-18MMMM DD, YYYY
Patient Paul standing and smiling at the camera
Patient Story

An architect's perspective: Paul's story

Paul was diagnosed with advanced non-melanoma skin cancer and he shares how this has changed his perspective on life.
2020-09-18MMMM DD, YYYY
Jude smiling at the camera
Patient Story

Strong through adversity: Jude's story

Jude shares her perspective on supporting her husband and family through a difficult time.
2020-09-18MMMM DD, YYYY
Laura smiling at the camera
Patient Story

Fighting together: Laura's story

The 24 year old events manager has suffered from eczema since childhood.
2020-09-14MMMM DD, YYYY
Young boy studying in front of a computer
Corporate Responsibility
Inspiring young people to succeed 
Sanofi has been partnering with The Smith Family to help bridge the STEM education divide in Australia.
2020-07-23MMMM DD, YYYY
Karen Hood sitting behind a desk in the office

Prioritising Inclusion

Why our inclusion and diversity focus has never been more important.
2020-07-02MMMM DD, YYYY
Patient Story

A second skin: Talia's story

Talia talks about the reaities of living with severe atopic dermatitis.
2020-05-03MMMM DD, YYYY
From COVID-19 to influenza

New opportunities for collaboration.                                                                
2020-04-28MMMM DD, YYYY
Meningococcal septicaemia: Lily’s story
In 24 hours, Lily’s life changed forever.

2020-04-01MMMM DD, YYYY
baby willow
Protecting Willow from Influenza
Leanne describes her youngest child’s experience of influenza.
2020-04-24MMMM DD, YYYY
Rare Blood

Glass Half Full: Patrick’s Story             

Why Patrick won’t let haemophilia hold him back.

2020-04-18MMMM YYYY
Our products-Plaquenil


Information regarding the use of Plaquenil®. 

> Australia
> New Zealand

2020-04-18MMMM YYYY
Thank You

Stepping up to the Challenge

Healthcare is a system and everyday people are keeping it healthy.

2020-04-18MMMM YYYY
Our Products

Insuline glargine 100/units mL in Australia                       

Sanofi is making changes to its insulin glargine 100 units/mL products in Australia.
2019-12-01MMMM DD, YYYY

Road to Recovery                             

Just a few months ago Australia was suffering unprecedented bushfires that devastated communities and destroyed wildlife.
2020-03-01MMMM YYYY
Phil Chant

Be your true self at work                       

Employees are not only valued, but can be their true selves in the workplace.

2020-03-01MMMM YYYY

Creating a purpose filled environment

Recognising the importance of purpose in our daily lives and contributing to meaningful projects

2020-01-01MMMM YYYY
Top employer award

TOP employer for a second year

With great career pathways, it’s time to discover more about Sanofi..

2019-12-01MMMM YYYY
Learn X Team

Sanofi wins LearnX                          

Congratulations to our Learning & Development team who received their Platinum LearnX award.
2019-10-01MMMM YYYY
Mental Health
Mental health

First in industry accreditation      

we were proud to be given gold accreditation with Mental Health First Aid Australia.
2019-10-01MMMM YYYY

Connecting our people with communities

Making a difference in San Remigio, Cebu.
2019-03-22MMMM DD, YYYY
Corporate Responsibility

STEM education                            

Let’s Count at Work.
2018-07-03MMMM DD, YYYY