Our global commitment to the planet

As a global healthcare company, we understand the urgency of addressing climate change. For us, improving people's lives goes hand in hand with preserving the planet.

We're committed to the United Nations’ Race to Zero initiative, are building a road to carbon neutrality by 2030, and to net zero emissions by 2045.

We’ve just been recognised, for the second year in a row, on the CDP’s Climate Change A List 2022 for our commitment, actions and transparency on climate change. 

You can learn more about our global action here.


Taking Action in Australia

Greening our fleet

With sales team members on the road in every state and territory, reducing fleet emissions has been a priority. In 2022 we transitioned our entire fleet to hybrid vehicles. This change has reduced our emissions by 40 per cent.

Going solar in Queensland

In 2022 our Brisbane based Consumer Healthcare Manufacturing team turned on 1,500 solar panels able to produce 1GwH kilowatts of electricity each year. We’re now expanding our solar commitment doubling the number of panels and installing electric car charge points for our employees.  

Caring for Australia's unique biodiversity

Our people volunteer with IngigiGrow, a 100% Aboriginal owned, run, and staffed, not-for-profit native plant nursery. We help propagate and grow Australian native plants, and we have partnered to boost native biodiversity at our facility in Macquarie Park, NSW.

Improving the environmental profile of our products

We’re working to reduce the environmental impact of our products and one of our action levers is Eco-design. 

With Eco-design, we are evaluating and improving our products' environmental footprint across their entire value chain - from raw material extraction and transformation, to manufacturing, all the way up to distribution and the end-of-life treatment. 

Our commitment is for all our new products to be Eco-designed by 2025, and all top-20-selling products by 2030. We’ll also remove the use of plastic in blisters for all our vaccines’ syringes by 2027. Today 33% of our vaccines’ secondary packaging is already blister-free.

We're proud to support Return Unwanted Medicines

Return Unwanted Medicines is a national not-for-profit company funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Department of Health to address the Quality Use of Medicines in Australia.

We've partnered with Return Unwanted Medicines since 2022 with the aim of helping raise awareness of their service and the free and convenient way people in Australia can dispose of their expired or unwanted medicines responsibly, at a local community pharmacy.

Over the past 12 months, Return Unwanted Medicines has collected around 700,000kgs of unwanted medicines taking their total to 12.2 million kgs in 22 years. But, with 70 per cent of Australians not being aware of the service there is more out there. Perhaps in your medicine or vitamin cabinet?

Learn more at www.returnmed.com.au.