At Sanofi we are empowered by our legacy of knowledge, experience, ambition and diversity. We work  to transform health and we strive for better outcomes, not only through the development of novel medicines, but through participation in humanitarian activities, working to better educate our communities and championing access to healthcare. 

Health is of course at the heart of our corporate responsibility, but we also work with The Smith Family to mentor students and help bridge Australia’s STEM education divide. Our volunteer program supports our employees to help a range of charities and projects, from environmental clean up days to food aid and bushfire relief. 

We’re proud of the ongoing dialogue we have with independent health, patient and community groups across Australia and are grateful to them for helping us to continually learn about patient experiences and priorities. 

For information on how we support funding programs or how to apply, visit our transparency and grants pages.

Listening and collaborating to support better health outcomes

Supporting our local communities

Grant funding for medical and scientific organisations