Sanofi is building on a rich legacy in oncology with a rejuvenated pipeline and a renewed commitment to bring novel treatment options to patients. Our ambition is to contribute meaningful solutions for patients who are battling cancer through drug discovery and development that is rooted in strong science and innovative technologies.

In immuno-oncology, our research focuses on how a patient’s own immune system can fight cancer. Sanofi aims to inhibit the ability of cancer to hide from the body’s immune system and enable the immune system to attack tumour cells.

We are also testing a wide diversity of drug combinations through a variety of technology platforms to invent differentiated molecules that tackle targets in immuno-oncology and molecular oncology. Because cancer tumours often mutate, simultaneous treatment with multiple therapeutics is a promising approach in addressing difficult-to-eradicate cancers.

Non melanoma skin cancer in Australia

Non-melanoma skin cancers account for 97 per cent of all skin cancers or an estimated 570,000 cases diagnosed per year in Australia.1 Whilst the vast majority are not life-threatening, up to four Australians are projected to lose their life to advanced non-melanoma skin cancer every day.1 

Sanofi is working in collaboration with leading cancer clinicians and advocacy organisations to raise public awareness of the hidden dangers of advanced non-melanoma skin cancer and the measures needed to reduce the impact of this disease. 

Multiple Myeloma in Australia

Between 2013 and 2017 over 6,500 Australians were living with Multiple Myeloma.Myeloma is a type of bone marrow cancer arising from plasma cells, which are normally found in the bone marrow.3

Myeloma is most common in people aged 60 years and older, and men are affected more often than women.3

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