Connecting world-class researchers in mRNA technology

The Translational Science Hub will connect world-class researchers in Queensland with Sanofi scientists in France and the US, creating a first-of-its-kind, global scientific community focused on mRNA technology and translational science.

The Translational Science Hub will utilise the laboratories and infrastructure of Griffith University and The University of Queensland to help deliver the next generation of vaccines. The goal of the Hub will be to improve the mRNA vaccine platform in Australia for better protection and use in a wider range of diseases.

The Translational Science Hub is proudly supported by Sanofi, in partnership with:

Three key focus areas for the Translational Science Hub:

Optimise mRNA platform technology

This includes improving mRNA as a vaccine technology that can be used for multiple vaccine candidates. 

Advance the development of vaccine candidates

Research into the first ever vaccine for chlamydia that will start in Queensland from Q1 2023.

Bring together the local academic and industry network

By having a R&D presence in Australia, Sanofi will be able to work more closely with the local scientific talent and help create a strong and sustainable scientific ecosystem. 

"As the largest innovator and manufacturer of vaccines globally, we want to work with the best to develop even better vaccines."

Dr Iris Depaz

Country Medical Lead, Sanofi Australia & New Zealand

"This breakthrough investment demonstrates our commitment to exploring mRNA technology by applying the minds of the best and brightest scientists around the world."

Dr Jean-Francois Toussaint

Global Head of Vaccine Research and Development, Sanofi

Creating Research & Industry Jobs in Queensland

It is anticipated that research and industry jobs will be created in Queensland, including scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals. These professionals will be dedicated to improving mRNA technology for a range of diseases, including the first-ever vaccine for chlamydia.

All potential candidates must either already live and work in Queensland or be prepared to relocate to Queensland. Recruitment will be managed across the partners of the Translational Science Hub. Positions will be advertised locally and on universities job pages:

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