Access Information about Sanofi products for residents of Australia and New Zealand

Prescription medicines and vaccines in Australia

This information is intended for use by Australian residents.

For Product Information or Consumer Medicine Information on other Sanofi products not listed below, please contact the Sanofi Medical Information Department.

Information for Healthcare Professionals

Sanofi provides Product Information (PI) for use by healthcare professionals. If you are not a healthcare professional, PI should be read and discussed in consultation with a healthcare professional.

Prescription Medicines PI List for Healthcare Professionals

Vaccines PI List for Healthcare Professionals

Information for Consumers

Sanofi provides Consumer Medicine Information (CMI), which can help you use your medicines effectively. Industry regulations do not allow pharmaceutical companies to offer medical advice or guidance to consumers or patients. Please contact your doctor or health professional for advice on medicines or any other health related matter.

Prescription Medicines CMI List

Vaccines CMI List

Valproate risk in pregnancy

Valproate risk in pregnancy  

Sanofi wants to ensure patients understand the risks associated with valproate.