We are dedicated to the ongoing safety surveillance and proactive risk management of all our products.

In line with our global team response, Sanofi wants to ensure patients understand the risks associated with valproate in female children, women of childbearing potential and pregnant women. Educational materials are being made available to healthcare professionals and patients to provide more information about this risk.

This applies to all brands of valproate, including Epilim, Sodium Valproate Sandoz, Valpro EC and Valproate Winthrop.

Call for reporting

Please remember that any suspected adverse events should be reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), or Medsafe

Company Contact

Adverse reactions can also be reported directly to Sanofi: email ae@sanofi.com or phone 02 8666 2123.
Our medical information department can be contacted for further information at medinfo.australia@sanofi.com, 1800 818 806 or 0800 283 684.

Educational Materials