Lee is a Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, who has worked with Sanofi for five years. Over his career, he has worked across multiple business units including Consumer Healthcare and Specialty Care. Lee’s first love was Physical Education (P.E) but after getting a taste of commerce in high school, he became drawn to Finance. In the evening after logging off, he lets loose by jumping on the trampoline with his two daughters.

In his own words…. meet Lee.

What is one thing people may find surprising about your role?

A common misconception is that working in finance is about being stuck behind a computer data crunching. My work involves supporting teams across multiple business units. I’ve found being a good listener is one of my strengths. When someone presents a problem to me, I convert that thought process into a solution to help achieve their objective. I am very much integrated into brand planning and business strategy. It’s very collaborative.

How important is it for you to work with purpose?

It is so important for me to work for a company with purpose. I found a new sense of inspiration when I started working at Sanofi. Compared to my previous work with retail goods, I found a sense of meaning knowing our healthcare products are helping people. When faced with heavy workloads, I remind myself that we are improving people’s lives. That sense of purpose is powerful enough to push me through the toughest challenges.

I’ve found being a good listener is one of my strengths

How have you managed to feel connected to during the COVID-19 lockdowns?

We are a close team here at Sanofi and this hasn’t changed transitioning into remote working. Our IT department worked hard to strengthen digital platforms and multichannel engagement. At first there was some uncertainty on whether it will work but soon enough, we were all catching up on Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It can be easy to feel disconnected without physical contact so it’s important to find other ways of engaging with the world. I call in daily to check up on my team and exercise regularly to be in a healthy mental space.

What advice would you give to someone early in their career at Sanofi?

Starting out in any company can be complicated so make sure you find your network. Pair up with a buddy and leverage their knowledge. Sanofi offers endless opportunities for growth in any field of your choice. Learn about the business and keep in touch with current affairs so you understand the industry. Then make sure you have a development plan and communicate where you want to grow. Feel free to speak up and challenge convention. We value diversity of ideas and new starters can often bring a fresh perspective to the business. If you have ambition and a desire to learn, then the sky’s the limit.