Our commitment to the community

Our Commitment

At Sanofi Australia and New Zealand we understand that our people’s communities are our community, which is why we work together to help our community to be as strong as it can be.

At Sanofi, we appreciate the importance of fostering creative and innovative young minds to help safeguard the future of the healthcare industry. We know that STEM education is already important to our business and in the future it will only become more so. Across our industry, STEM capacity will be critical in helping to support local innovation and productivity.

Sanofi has forged a significant relationship with Australia's largest children’s education charity, The Smith Family, to help bridge Australia's STEM education divide.

A large number of our people work to make a difference in their own communities, volunteering, fundraising and lending a helping hand in their own time. We offer a range of programs from short to long term volunteering and employee initiated community grants to help their efforts go even further.


Working with The Smith Family to bridge the STEM education divide in Australia

Sanofi Australia has joined forces with The Smith Family to help bridge the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education divide in Australia.

New growth from burnt tree

Assisting bushfire affected communities in a time of need

Sanofi has committed to deliver a support package worth more than $200,000 for Australia’s bushfire affected communities

Our global commitment to corporate responsibility