As part of our team you’ll be surrounded by people who give their best

Why work at Sanofi?

Have an impact at Sanofi
Have an impact at Sanofi
No matter your role within Sanofi, you are able to make a difference. We are part of a committed, driven and passionate global team who work to understand and solve the healthcare needs of people around the world.
Together we all help to make a positive impact on our patients, consumers and communities.
Diverse career opportunities at Sanofi
Diverse career opportunities
Sanofi delivers diversity of career opportunity, thought and experience. Our business is broad in scope and our work environments are flexible. Always inclusive and respectful we work with you to create opportunities for your career to thrive.
Realise your full potential at Sanofi
Realise your full potential
At Sanofi you are working alongside people who give their best and inspire you to do the same. Working towards common goals, you can realise your full potential and experience true job satisfaction.
Karen Aspros smiling in the office
Exceptional People
At Sanofi you are surrounded by talented and passionate co-workers. We believe in teamwork, working hard but also enjoying the work we do and the people we work with. Always resilient, we encourage our people to have the courage to challenge the norm and act for change.
Be supported, rewarded and proud
Be supported, rewarded and proud
At Sanofi we work hard to create a positive environment with people who feel like family and who are there to support you to be your best. Always ethical, our people act with integrity. As part of a team, you will be rewarded by, and feel proud of the work you do, the people you work with and the company you work for.

What we offer? 

When it comes to flexibility we understand that each employee has different priorities and needs. Our flexible work programs help our people to balance their career and lifestyle. 
Family Care
Family Care
We recognise the challenges that working families face and offer support to employees who are parents and guardians. Our generous offering includes Paid Parental Leave, Dad & Partner Leave, plus a childcare allowance for those with young children in care.
As an organisation with health at our core, we invest in a number of programs that support physical, mental and financial wellness. At Sanofi, we have your wellbeing covered.
Career Development
We support our people by offering best in class leadership and professional development programs, global career progression opportunities, stretch assignments and education assistance to support our people’s career goals.
Rewards and Recognition
We believe in our people. We celebrate and reward success in many ways including via our peer nominated online live social feed, competitive remuneration packages and financial rewards based on your role and contribution.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We recognise that our people’s communities, are our community and we’re happy to invest in helping our community by offering our people paid volunteering opportunities and support an employee initiated community grants program.