The protective power of vaccination

At Sanofi Pasteur, we’ve been committed for more than 100 years to extending the life-saving power of vaccination as broadly as possible.

Our history is grounded in life science pioneers who discovered how infectious diseases work. They unlocked the public health potential of vaccination and developed efficient mass production methods to ensure the broadest access to vaccines. 

A leader in vaccines

We currently supply one billion doses to people around the world each year, and work hand in hand with our public health partners so our vaccines can help protect as many as half a billion lives annually1.

In Australia and New Zealand our team is at the forefront of local access. As a health journey partner we work with federal and state health authorities, and with healthcare professionals to encourage equitable community wide access to immunisation.

Pride in our work

Our team is proud that our vaccines can help to protect us and our loved ones from a wide range of severe infectious diseases, at every stage of life. 

Whether we are protecting babies from whooping cough, the elderly from influenza, travellers from exotic diseases or many more, we relentlessly seek to extend the benefits of vaccination.

1Sanofi (2017) Annual Report on Form 20-F 2017. Available at: