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Contact us

Talavera Corporate Centre
Building D
12-24 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park, NSW 2113
+61 (0)2 8666 2000

Content :

Consumer focussed

As a responsible contributor to access to quality healthcare for all, Sanofi is currently concentrating our efforts to:

  • Reduce health inequalities through the Sanofi Espoir Foundation
  • Sustainably improve access to medicines through promoting comprehensive management of diseases by combining prevention, diagnosis and treatment in developing countries
  • Promoting quality care by fighting against counterfeit medicines

We want to improve access to quality medicines and vaccines for as many consumers as possible in developing, emerging and developed countries. We are motivated by the fact more than one third of the global population does not currently have access to essential medicines and vaccines.

Helping communities in need

Our response to humanitarian emergencies aims to help facilitate access to healthcare for people effected by natural disasters and displaced persons as quickly and efficiently as possible. In 2015, Sanofi responded to the earthquakes in Nepal with significant donations to the Red Cross as well as vaccines and medical supplies.

Our affiliate also answered the call for donations in response to Tropical Cyclone Pamin Vanuatu  through staff donations to the Australian Red Cross to help the local communities recover.

Building capacity in hospital pharmacy

SSAVE is a joint initiative between Sanofi and Symbion Hospital Services. It provides annual grants valued at a total of $30,000 and allows individuals working in a hospital pharmacy department to use their healthcare expertise to assist local or international communities in need. From teaching the first crop of young pharmacy graduates at a university in Sri Lanka, to setting up chronic disease management programs in Vanuatu or assisting in a children’s hospital in Cambodia, Sanofi is proud to be involved.

Collaborating with health consumer organisations

Sanofi has a strong history of working closely with various health consumer organisations in Australia and New Zealand. We have formed partnerships based on a shared desire to provide consumers the tools to make choices to allow them to lead healthier lives.

We are transparent and respectful of the independence of the groups we work with and regularly publish information about those we contribute funds to. For the most recent list, please click on the link below.