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Sanofi worldwide

Content :

Sanofi Worldwide

At Sanofi, we put consumers at the heart of all our activities. Listening to patients and consumers informs all our decisions and actions: we must understand their needs and what healthcare providers and payers require, then determine what we can bring to them.

We are always looking for more effective and safer solutions to improve human health,as well as more affordable and cost-effective therapies to which all patients will have access.

By maintaining strong partnerships with patient associations this helps us better understand the needs and expectations of people who use our products and sevices. These partnerships also give us the opportunity to help address issues, such as prevention, awareness and living and coping better with medical conditions.

As a global healthcare leader, Sanofi places quality, safety, ethics and respect for the planet at the heart of our business. We recognise our corporate social responsibilities through a range of philanthropic and community initiatives. For more information see Our Responsibility.

Module :

Corporate information

Corporate information