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Executive leadership

Content :

Consumer Healthcare

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of quality vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements and one of the country’s major distributors of well known over the counter products.


Our trusted brands can be found in more than 8,400 pharmacies, healthfood stores and grocery outlets in Australia and in many more across Asia and New Zealand.

Based in Brisbane, with offices in each State, our Consumer Healthcare team prides itself on being at the forefront of high quality new product development and manufacturing.  Our commitment to high standards ensures the continued delivery of quality healthcare products for our customers.

Our Over the counter (OTC) Products

We have an extensive range of OTC products. Click on the links below to read information aimed at consumers or health care professionals.

Our Nutraceutical Products

We help consumers take charge of their health and well-being by providing vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements (nutraceuticals) of the highest quality. Our market leading brands include Nature’s Own, Cenovis, Bio-Organics, MicroGenics and Golden Glow.

The nutraceutical category is very diverse with more than 50 ingredients in the market. We have numerous product lines including multi-vitamins, fish oil and glucosamine, with our brands holding market leading positions in each channel.

We are Australia’s largest distributor of nutraceuticals and our products compete in all the key channels that sell vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, namely pharmacy, grocery, health food stores and direct to consumer. In addition, select brands are distributed throughout various channels in New Zealand.

Updated: November 21, 2011

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Corporate information

Corporate information