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Business development

Content :


Sanofi Pasteur is the vaccines division of Sanofi

  • Headquarters: Lyon, France
  • Revenue: €3,897 million in 2012 (growth of 5.7% compared with 2011 at constant exchange rates)
  • Nearly 13,000 employees worldwide
  • More than 50% of staff devoted to industrial operations
  • 13 production and/or R&D sites located in Marcy l'Etoile and Val de Reuil, France; in Swiftwater (Pennsylvania), Cambridge and Canton (Massachusetts), Orlando (Florida) and Rockville (Maryland), USA; in Toronto, Canada; in Pilar, Argentina; in Shenzhen, China; in Hyderabad, India; in Ocoyoacac, Mexico and in Chachoengsao, Thailand.
  • 2 new facilities under construction : Neuville, France; and Shenzhen, China.

Investment in research and production capacity:

  • More than 1 billion doses of vaccines produced yearly to immunize more than 500 million people in the world
  • Largest product range available, against 20 infectious diseases
  • More than €1 million invested every day in R&D
  • Nearly €2 billion invested in the last 5 years in production infrastructures.

Our vaccines

Today, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), vaccines are available to protect against more than 26 infectious diseases.

Sanofi Pasteur has the broadest available range of vaccines, protecting against 20 infectious diseases:

  • World’s largest producer of seasonal influenza vaccines: more than 200 million doses provided in 2012
  • World’s leading provider of inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine
  • Broadest range of modern pediatric combination vaccines for children throughout the world
  • World’s main provider of meningococcal vaccines with an unfaltering commitment to provide meningococcal vaccine for outbreaks control in West Africa
  • Largest portfolio of vaccines for travelers and people living in tropical areas: typhoid, rabies, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, meningococcal meningitis, cholera, hepatitis A, hepatitis B

To find out more about our vaccines division:

Updated: February 25, 2013

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Corporate information

Corporate information